A Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs

gift guide for business owners and entrepreneurs by small business consultant in bozeman montana

A Gift Guide for Entrepreneurs

It's gift-giving season, which means it's gift guide season, too.

I don't know about you, but I get asked "what do you want for Christmas" multiple times, beginning in November.  I struggle with what to put on my Christmas list because I don't really need anything.  Sometimes I stop buying myself things I want as early as August and just start adding those items to my Christmas list. 

This year, since I'm building a business, many of the things I've wanted have to do with business.  These aren't really fun things for people to buy (I actually have post-it flags on my list), but they legitimately are things I would love to have.

If you're wondering what to tell people to get you for Christmas, I have some ideas for you.  

This guide serves a dual purpose because if you're looking at your end-of-year books and want to keep a little bit more of that money you made when tax season rolls around, you can invest in your business.  

 Click here for a cheat sheet of the 10 best gifts for entrepreneurs, complete with links (and a coupon code)!

1.  An online calendar scheduling subscription

I love my Acuity calendar.  Rather than going back and forth with your clients (or even your friends) to find a time that works for everyone, just send them the link to your online calendar.  

I love that I can set up different appointment types and times, from a free 30-minute call to a paid 16-week workshop.

You can embed the calendar into your website or link to it from anywhere. 

It syncs with your main calendar so there's no need to block off time in more than one place. 

You can accept payments, set up forms, vault credit cards to charge later, offer group classes and coupons, allow clients to tip you, and so much more. 

There's a free version, but for $15 a month you can customize it with your logo, colors, and text, plus receive reminder emails for you and your clients.

It's a huge time saver for both you and your customers. 

Hop over there and get a FREE 7-day trial.  



2.  An Audible subscription for learning on the go

You can learn just about anything by reading a book these days, but sometimes life is just too busy to sit down and snuggle up for hours.

I love listening to audiobooks because it allows me to multitask.  I get to fit in my reading/education time while I'm walking the dog, driving, showering, or cleaning my house.

With Audible's free trial, you get two free audiobooks.  After that, it's just $14.95 per month for one audiobook per month plus 30% off any additional audiobook purchases.

Imagine this time next year, having the knowledge of 12 more books in your toolkit!  The Audible membership is the gift of education and entertainment.


3.  Noise-canceling headphones

Whether I'm traveling by plane or working in a busy coffee shop, noise-canceling headphones are a must.

Even when I'm at home I sometimes wear my headphones to help me focus.

I love my AirPods for their small size, clear microphone, and instant connectivity, but when it's time to work, I'm all about an over-the-ear headphone.

To stay in the $100 range, check out this pair by Sony.  

I have the Bose QuietComfort 25.   I've been really happy with them!  If you're wanting to splurge, the newer version is the QuietComfort 35 which even has Alexa-voice control.



4.  A new website

Or at least a course to help you build one. 

My Websites that Sell course will walk you through the exact system I use to create efficient, high-converting Shopify sites for my private clients. 

Including over 4 hours of video and a thorough training and resource bonus, this course can have you up and running on a new, integrated sales system in as little as 30 days. 

Buy it now and jump right in at the beginning of the new year.

For my blog readers, I'm offering a 30% discount until the end of the year.  Use code GIFTGUIDE at checkout to save.  


5.  Office supplies

This might sound boring, but nice pens, a new notebook or planner, and color-coded post-its can really excite certain people.  People like me, I suppose.

I'm not ashamed!  I hope my stocking is stuffed with page flags, every color of highlighter, correction tape, binder clips, and all of the cutest things in the office aisle of Target.  

I'm a fan of the Bullet Journal method, personally, but most entrepreneurs do have some form of a notebook, whether it's their planner or just for notes, doodles, and sketches.

Pro-tip:  If you're gifting office supplies, don't shop for bargains.  Splurge for something nicer, prettier, or more luxurious than what they would buy for themselves.  

Meaning, I'll buy myself an ink pen, but I probably wouldn't buy myself a $20 ink pen.  But if you bought one for me as a gift, I would love it, enjoy using it, and think of you every time I picked it up.  Which would be often.

bozeman business coach gift guide for entrepreneurs and small business consultant


6.  A meal delivery service

No matter if your entrepreneur loves to cook or not, sometimes there will be days when she doesn't leave the office until well past dark, or days when she comes home way too exhausted to whip up a meal. 

On those days, it's so nice to have a warm, nutritious meal ready for you, without you having to do the shopping, cooking, and cleaning. 

Of course, if you're living with your favorite entrepenreur, you could always take on the task of having dinner on the table, but if that's not your jam, plan ahead and order a meal delivery.

Here in Bozeman, we're lucky to have a couple of local options for meal deliveries.  

Have you checked out Whole and Nourished yet? 

Each week you can choose from 7 different menu items, plus frozen meals and pantry staples to keep your kitchen stocked and your cook time to zero. 

Each item is dairy-free, soy-free, and gluten-free, and she uses local and organic ingredients, so your quick evening meal is also good for you, unlike that pizza you were about to call in.

If you're not in Bozeman, meal delivery services are all the rage now.  Check for a local business in your area, or try national services such as Blue Apron or Hello Fresh, which supply you with ingredients and recipes to whip up your own meals, rather than delivering them pre-made.


7.  Canva

Canva is an absolute life-changer for those of us who never learned the powerhouse that is the Adobe Creative Suite.   

Canva is a super-simple-to-use design tool that lets you save your brand colors, fonts, and templates so you can create your own Instagram posts, flyers, blog banners, Pinterest pins, thank you cards, Facebook covers, Instagram stories, and anything else under the sun.

I'm not a natural graphic designer. 

In fact, I used to outsource 100% of my graphic design, which can get expensive and eat up a bunch of time. 

But after I started using Canva, not only do I create all my own graphics, but I have people asking if I'm using certain high-end designers in town to create them for me!

The paid version is $12.95 a month or $119.40 per year and my subscription more than pays for itself every month. 

You can try it out free for 30 days and see if the paid version works for you. 

If not, the free version is also fantastic.


8.  Power Up or Link Up course

If you're local to Bozeman, check out Prospera's Power Up course for new businesses, or their Link Up Accelerator for businesses that are 3 years old or younger. 

Taught by Karen Lum, the courses will give you the tools you need to start, grow, and run your business and a community to guide and support you along the way. 

Starting at $200, these three-session courses pack a tremendous amount of value for the money and I guarantee you'll walk away with knowledge and a plan that make it more than worth the time and money.


(Ready to shop?  I made a printable, clickable shopping list for you.  Get it here.)


9.  A spa day

Being your own boss can be stressful, and often the personality types that go into business for themselves aren't the same ones who splurge on self-care.  

But, taking care of yourself and taking time off are just as important in business as working hard, prioritizing, and making data-based decisions.

So treat yourself or your business honey to a luxurious day at the spa.

From massages to facials to manicures and pedicures, your local spa will have a variety of services to treat anyone to a yummy day of pampering and self-care.  

And if your special entrepreneur isn't one for painted toenail and cucumbers on their eyes, maybe opt for a different type of self-care.  A day pass to a climbing gym, cycling or yoga classes, or a personal trainer will fit the bill just as well.


10.  Celebration supplies

Part of being an entrepreneur means riding the roller coaster of successes and failures, or of wins and learning opportunities.

And while you're on that ride, you've got to make your time at the top count, to give you the motivation to make it through a lull.  Therefore, you always need some champagne on hand.

You never know when a phone call or an email is going to bring the best news you've had all year.  When those moments hit, it's time to grab that bottle of bubbly that you've been holding on to for just a moment like this.


What better gift can you give your favorite entrepreneur than one that says "I know you will accomplish great things this year, and I'm planning in advance to help you celebrate."  

Plus, seeing that bottle, just waiting to be popped in celebration, will give you the motivation to keep going on days when you start scrolling through the help wanted ads.

You've got this.  Whether you're shopping for yourself or a loved one, I think that the bottle of bubbles and the optimism it symbolizes is my favorite gift of all.  


If you're ready to check those items off your list, download the free cheat sheet, complete with links and a coupon, by clicking the banner below.

Free download for gift guide for entrepreneurs 


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