'Gram Quest, Chapter 2

Instagram Trials and Tricks

Welcome back for week 2 of my IG trials.  Are you getting bored with this?  I know I am, but I'm also enjoying seeing these numbers climb.

To recap, we ended week 1 with 1896 followers, up from 1765 followers, for an increase of 131 followers.  Here's what went down this week:


Tuesday, April 3

We're at 1896 followers now, up from 131 just one week ago.

New technique:  Courting my competition's followers (find a business that competes with yours, see who follows them, and engage with them by commenting on their posts and following them.  Following my competitors' fans resulted in a big jump in the numbers of followers I had each day.

A giveaway is live on a feed with 12k followers.

 Looking for something new, I enrolled in Alex Tooby's free Instagram course.  Today's takeaway:  I changed my name in my bio, so that when Hattie Rex shows up in a search, it reads "Hattie Rex // Jewelry + Pet ID Tags" instead of "Hattie Rex // Hattie Rex."  I loved that tip!


Wednesday, April 4

My biggest step for today was to read Neil Patel's article: How to Get 300 Real, Targeted Instagram Followers Per Day.

He recommends:

  • Following back everyone who follows you
  • Reply to every comment on your own photos
  • Like photos that contain hashtags that are relevant to you
  • Comment on photos that contain hashtags you're interested in
  • Send direct messages to people who you're interested in
  • Like other people's comments on photos you're interested in
  • Tag users you know personally (or on IG) in your photos
  • Ask questions or invite feedback in your posts

 I haven't sent any direct messages yet, nor have I tagged users I know personally in my photos.  


Thursday, April 5 - Sunday, April 8

Par for the course as the week comes to a close, continuing my daily regimen of likes, comments, and follows.  I'm also following Neil and Alex's tips.  I'm averaging about 25 new followers per day, so I knew I would probably reach the 2k milestone over the weekend.  And...we did!  By Saturday afternoon we had 2001 followers, and we've picked up another 48 since then.  


Monday, April 9

Our first round of dog influencers is starting to receive their tags.  Today we had two pupfluencers post stories about our products.  We noticed only a slight bump in followers (11), so we're hoping more will trickle in as they post.  



We ended this week with 2049 followers, up 184 this week!  

It's starting to feel routine and easy to participate and engage on IG every day, although it's definitely time-consuming.  

Remeber how I confessed that I've had an agency create our page's content for the last year?  Well, we've decided to start creating all of our own content to take more ownership of the page.  

Either of these new additions feels like they could become a time-suck, so I enlist some internal help.  

After checking out my analytics and finding that 42% of our IG followers are females between 25 and 34, I decided to enlist the help of my employee/intern, Julia.  Julia is 21 and a graphic design student.  She's done lots of design work for Hattie in the past, so this feels like a natural extension.  She's also younger and cooler than me, which will help our aesthetic.

Stay tuned for next week!  If we keep our average the same, we'll gain another 175-ish followers.  If we keep this rate consistent, we'll cross 3k in 9 months, which seems like a long way to go.  We know that once you have 10k followers, you can use the "swipe up" feature in stories, which we are wanting pretty bad, so I'll have to find ways to increase this rate.

Until next time.    




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