'Gram Quest, Chapter 3

Lightbox business tries instagram tricks so you don't have to

Three weeks in and we're up 372 followers, for a total of 2137!

Passing 2k felt like a milestone, but the next 137 were almost easy!

It's becoming a habit to comment and engage with other IG users, and it feels like once you get the ball rolling, it has a snowball effect. 

The pupfluencers we've sent free products to are beginning to post about us, which is giving us a small boost in traffic, but honestly not as much as I'd hoped for.  

We've decided to regain responsibility for posting after a year of getting our content on track with the help of a social media expert, and I have solicited the help of Julia, our Hattie Rex intern, to help with the artistic design.  She's also 21 years old and our resident millennial, to help us understand what's actually going on in the lives and brains of our younger customers.  A quick analysis of our IG followers shows that I'm now older than 82% of our followers. 

To me, it's reassurance of the need to market to our customers' needs, not to our own.  

By creating our own content now, and aiming to post daily, we have decided to have a photoshoot.  Last night, we brainstormed with our photographer about the aesthetic and the mission.  It's business 101, but we discussed the company's vision and the feeling we want to convey to our customers.  After all, they are buying the emotion -- the product is a side dish.

Stay tuned for more on the photoshoot idea, and take a look at the Hattie Rex Instagram page to watch it grow.  Can you tell what's changed?  Let us know in the comments.  

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