Join me on a 'Gram Quest

join me as I find out what works on Instagram - so you don't have to


Most of my experience with growing a small business is from my first business, Hattie Rex.  When I started Hattie in 2007, Instagram did not exist.  Fast forward 10 years and Instagram is on fire.  It's a huge moneymaker, with influencers, retail brands, and even dogs making a full-time living on Instagram.  

And there's this perception that a company's success is directly proportionate to their number of followers.

And sometimes this perception is true.

But while followers don't exactly equal sales, having your warm leads in your pocket can, and often does, in fact, lead to sales.

So I decided that I need to learn more about this world of influencers, likes, stories, highlights, tags, and posts. 

And since I plan to share my methods and results with my readers, I am going to test these methods out through Hattie Rex.  

Hattie Rex creates personalized accessories for people and pets.  Read:  we make jewelry and dog tags by hand-stamping custom text into metal.  

My mission is to try out different Instagram techniques to see which one(s) grow my following, then see if the increased following leads to increased sales.  This is an ongoing task, as no Insta account is an overnight success (actually some are!), but I'll be sure to keep you updated on my progress.  I'll try out all the tricks so you don't have to!

But before I get started -- do any of you have some great tips to share?  Let us know in the comments -- what's your favorite way to gain followers on Instagram?

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