Are your employees wasting your time?

are your employees wasting your time on lightbox

They say that employees who feel appreciated perform better than those that don't.

But maybe the reason they are appreciated is that they are performing better.

Which came first, the appreciation or the performance?

As an employer, can we still appreciate the efforts of our employees, even if they aren't performing to our expectations?  

That's a trick question.  And a rhetorical one.

If your employee isn't performing to your expectations, don't get mad.  First, consider your role in the breakdown.

Were your expectations clear?  

No, really.  Were they crystal clear?  

A brain. A heart. The nerve.

management styles and the wizard of oz on lightbox

Yesterday I was part of a studio tour for a small group at Hattie Rex.  

It was a group of 5, so we all had a chance to chat about business and art and the intersection of the two.  

One member of the group told me about a piece of advice he heard in a leadership lecture once.  A member of the audience asked, "How do we become great leaders?"

To which the presenter replied, "Have you seen the Wizard of Oz?  To be a successful leader you need the same three things as the scarecrow, the tinman, and the lion.  A brain.  A heart.  And courage."