Three ways to accomplish more each day

Your time is valuable.  Treat it with respect.  Plan a better year with Lightbox


Now that you've written your annual plan, you're probably wondering how you're supposed to accomplish it all.  Sure, you've broken everything down into daily, weekly, and monthly tasks, but your days are BUSY.  You're creating products (or need/want to be), managing people, making sales (hopefully), filling orders, and generally just putting out metaphorical fires all. day. long.  

But fear not!  Thanks to modern technology, time-saving tools are literally at your fingertips.  Here is the list of my top three ways to help you be more efficient, every day.

1.  Schedule your day.

Be as specific as possible.  Every minute you don't have planned is a minute you could be wasting on social media or with other distractions.  Your time is valuable!  Treat it with respect.  

Instead of just making a list of things you're going to do today, take it a step farther.  Write down how many hours you want to spend on that task, then schedule it in your google calendar.  

To keep yourself on track, set up reminders to alert you when it's time to switch tasks.

2.  Take control of your inbox. is a totally free service that allows you to roll up all your subscription emails into one neat little package.  Simply enter your email address and scans your inbox for subscriptions and lets you select how you'd like to handle each one:  unsubscribe, keep in the inbox, or add to rollup.  When you're finished, you get to breathe a little easier with fewer emails to sort through each day.  Instead of receiving 148 emails telling you about what's on sale, what's new, maybe you'd also like, etc., you can get one scrollable email that you can click (or not), saving you potentially hours each day.  Did I mention this is totally free?

3.  Find a to-do list that works for you.

Wunderlist is my go-to to-do app.  It syncs across all your devices, has customizable lists and folders, and allows for repeating tasks and shared lists.  It's free, too, and you can customize your reminders and alerts.

Having all of your tasks in one place prevents you from wasting time searching for that post-it note that you jotted down your thoughts on and keeps agenda items from falling through the cracks.  I organize my lists into Lightbox, Hattie Rex, Personal, Groceries, and so on.  You can sort by due date to see what's coming up so you're never caught off guard with a must-do item.


Are any of these tools already in your toolbox?  What would you add to this list?  Let us know in the comments.

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