Tessa Burnett, owner of Hattie Rex and Lightbox.  Coach for creative entrepreneurs and handmade business expertHi, I'm Tessa.   

Twelve years ago, I started a one-woman dog tag business that later became a gift boutique called Hattie Rex.  

Over time, I developed systems that made Hattie Rex operate so efficiently that I effectively worked myself out of a job:  Hattie Rex is alive and well, open 7 days a week in downtown Bozeman, and runs without me.

Now, I use my expertise to help other small business owners create efficiency in their own businesses so they can have their lives back. 

In addition to my 12+ years of entrepreneurship and online sales, I also have a Master's Degree in Technical Communication.  That means that I can communicate highly technical information in a way that's easy for non-techies to understand.  



I'm passionate about spreading the word:  Gone are the days of expensive site setups, impossible-to-use interfaces, and super-limited capabilities.  You can have a beautiful, highly-customized, mobile-optimized website that fulfills all your e-commerce dreams, without dealing with a know-it-all web developer who speaks over your head and leaves you with a new system that you don't know how to use or update on your own.


I've found that chaos and overwhelm often lurk in the dark corners of small businesses.  My mission is to create order out of chaos by developing systems that work for you.  Let's chat about your small business.  Schedule a free discovery call today.