Tessa Burnett, owner of Hattie Rex and Lightbox.  Coach for creative entrepreneurs and handmade business expert

Hi, I’m Tessa.


My entrepreneurial journey started in 2007 when I was a new mom to a yellow Labrador named Pablo.  I wanted him to have the best dog tag ever, but I couldn’t find any on the market that I felt to be worthy.  When I set out to make my own dog tag, my business, Hattie Rex, was born.


I started selling my dog tags, and later, jewelry, online through Etsy in 2007.  While Etsy has been good to me (my two stores combined have made over 22,000 sales), I soon began to realize the shortcomings of Etsy.  I knew that having my own online store would allow me more flexibility.


However, in 2007, it was expensive, cumbersome, and time-consuming to have an e-commerce website.  And as my business grew, my needs became greater. I was selling to wholesale customers, at trade shows and markets, and taking custom orders.  My products are highly customizable, too, which added more of an obstacle. And once I added in my retail store, and started offering the work of other local and regional artists on a consignment basis, I found myself in need of a point of sale system that would sync inventory with my website.


After multiple expensive and painful “learning experiences”, I found Shopify.  And all my website dreams came true.  


My business began to run more efficiently.  I was able to train employees quickly and easily.  I had multiple sales channels, streamlined analytics, and everything I needed to sell anywhere, to anyone, in one place.  


Because I was so passionate about Shopify, and because Hattie Rex was running so efficiently that I had spare time, I started helping other businesses with their websites.  I find an immense amount of personal satisfaction from creating order out of chaos and setting up systems to make businesses run more methodically.  


In 2019 I became a Google Trainer and started teaching workshops to help business owners harness the power of Google to get found on local search and map results.  I also consult on pricing, email marketing, and helping artists become business people.


As a former high school teacher, I love sharing my knowledge and experience with business owners who want to sell online. And because I have a Master’s Degree in Technical Communication, I can explain high-tech information in a way that’s easy to understand.   


My mission with Lightbox is to shine a light on the dark corners of business.  To be the help I wish I had when I was starting out with my own business. To answer questions without judgement.  And to help business owners feel empowered and supported by finding personalized solutions that work for you.  


Let's chat about your small business.  Schedule a get-to-know-you call today.