Website Audit

Do you have a website but it's just not working for you?  Do you need a second set of eyes to see what you're missing -- to see it as your customer sees it?

With a Lightbox Website Audit, we'll shine a light on the dark corners of your business, illuminating the way for a better-performing site.

  • Learn about your site's best assets and biggest areas of improvement
  • Find out how to increase sales opportunities
  • Discover easy ways to improve your website's conversion rate
  • Identify problem areas that could be costing you money

In this FREE 30-minute video call, I'll walk you through my assessment of your website, identifying any areas to be improved, and give you easy-to-tackle suggestions to create a website that converts.  

The content can cover technical how-tos, impartial feedback about your images, copy, and design choices, and recommendations for layout or feature improvements. 

Click here to schedule.