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With the group program, we work as individuals and collaborate as a community.  You'll learn from others in the group while still having one-on-one attention from your coach.



Our group meetings are where you'll meet with your coach and other group members for an hour each week.  The first two weeks of the month will include new content on a rolling basis (meaning you can sign up at any time and not feel behind!).  The third week of the month is a Q + A class where -- you guessed it!  You bring your questions and your coach gives you answers, live and on the air.  At these meetings, you'll not only learn valuable new content and insights into helping you achieve your dream business, but you'll meet other creative entrepreneurs to whom you can look to for inspiration and support.



Once a month, you'll sit down with your coach for a one-on-one session.  You'll set goals, check in on your progress, and ask the questions that no one can answer but you.



No falling off the wagon here!  As a group coaching participant, you'll be assigned an accountability partner who will keep you on track.  Learn about another person's business while reporting back about your own.  These calls or meetings are facilitated by your group and are completed independently as pairs.


Our most popular community option, the group program requires a 3-month commitment.  It includes:

  • 3 group meetings per month
  • 1 individual session per month
  • An accountability partner to keep you on track

You'll also have access to workshops and tutorials that you can't find anywhere else.