Live Webinar: Build Your Own E-Commerce Website

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In the age of COVID-19, every business needs to be online.  If you're not there yet, or you're just playing with the idea, join me to take a giant leap toward your goals.  

 If you're a service-based business, a cafe or restaurant, or if your products are digital, you, too, can use the Shopify platform to get your business online. 

During the webinar, I'll show you how to enable gift cards on your site so you can start making sales right away.  

And while my goal for this webinar is to get you a QUICK WIN, know that this website is not just a band-aid. 

This platform can grow and scale and change with you.  Whether you're sheltering in place or physically open for business, you can continue to use this website.  You can use it as your point-of-sale system, add more products, and use it to grow your business.  

 Join me on Thursday, April 16 from 10:30- 12:00 pm (MST) for a live webinar.  I'll be walking you through the steps necessary to get your website started, your homepage customized, and your first product listed.

I'll be building a site live as you follow along and build yours at the same time.  Join from a computer for the best experience.  Ideally, you'll have one window open to view my screen, and another window open to build your site as you follow along.  

In this 90-minute webinar, you will:

  • Follow along as I show you, step by step, how to set up your website

  • Start a free, 90-day trial of your website (no payments until July 10!)

  • List your first product for sale on your e-commerce website

  • Enable gift card purchases on your site

  • Customize the homepage of your new website

My goal for this webinar is to help you get comfortable enough with the platform that you feel confident in listing your other products and moving forward with your website.  And I know that if you feel comfortable building your own site, you'll feel comfortable updating your own site down the road.


While many webinars these days are free, this isn't one of them.  Why? 

  • Because I only want you to sign up if you actually want to get your business online. 

  • Because if you pay $49, you're not going to forget about it (I've signed up for my fair share of free webinars that I did not attend).

  • Because this webinar is valuable.  I normally charge $95 an hour for one-on-one help.  I charge at least two thousand dollars to set up a website for my clients.   $49 for 90 minutes is a bargain, and I'm willing to do this because I believe you can succeed online.


This live webinar is only $49.  If your average sale is $25, you only have to make two sales to make your money back.  If your average sale is $100, you'll have doubled your money with the first sale.  


I'm offering a money-back guarantee.  If you attend the webinar and stay until the end, but did not find it useful or helpful, I'll refund your money.


Not sure if Shopify is right for you? Check out this video where I give you a peek into the back end of my Shopify account for Hattie Rex.  


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